The California Bar Exam

For any bar examinees taking the California Bar, there is little advice I can provide outside the MBE portion of the exam, but I CAN give recommendations as to where you should look. Studicata covers California, so provided the California materials are equal in quality to their UBE/NY product, it truly is a helpful system and an updated review is forthcoming.

Additionally, I wanted to share that I stumbled upon another bar exam blogger focused on California, and she seems to be just what her website says: a bar exam guru. Her archives stretch back to 2007, she has free resources and – it appears – a study system. Along with blogging regularly, there are templates, predictions, information about the bar exam, and so forth. You can find her blog (followed by almost 9,000 people) Here!

5 thoughts on “The California Bar Exam

    • Then we have something in common re: helping examinees, and your site is amazing keep doing such great work! You are most welcome and I made a short post and tweeted about your blog/website and will make sure if I cross (internet) paths with and CA examinees to let them know!

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    • Some people on the TLS forums seem to be stressing hard so I gave them a shout with your website/bar course info. Hopefully some will head your way and in turn be less stressed – you know, an “everyone wins,” type of thing 🙂

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      • Thank you! We are about to release a new program to help examinees as it gets closer to the bar exam. We hope to have it out soon. Waiting on our website developers who are vigilantly responding to our request to address the needs of the recent challenges seen on the bar exam! I will keep you posted as well as all followers as soon as we get the news that our new program is launched! Thank you again for the shout out, much appreciated!

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