The current main goal of this site is to cater to the Bar Exam and examinees, and that the Bar Exam content on this website will consist of not only materials that we upload but to get a bit of an exchange going where other people can feel free to contribute. Constructive criticism, suggested corrections or conflicts with your own understanding are welcome because naturally, I would like to have solid, reliable content. While law school certainly has a competitive climate and there are numerous rules about the sharp bell curve and a certain number of people or person (depending on your school and/or professor) needing to fail if someone else got an A+, that climate is not applicable to the bar exam – theoretically, everyone can pass.

The website and its materials are predominantly for the UNIFORM BAR EXAM (UBE), but that includes the MBE or Multistate Bar Exam and therefore any materials uploaded will correspond to that exam, cover the applicable law as it has been presented and interpreted, such as common law, the U.C.C., etc.,    Again, please feel free to make liberal use of materials, comment as appropriate, or contribute your own (we will be working on making the page more interactive).

As content is added and the website grows, you will be able to filter or search for materials by category, either via the drop-down menu on the “Bar Exam” page or via the sidebar widget. Alternatively you can go to our Study Aids page on the main menu, where all of my uploads (present and future) can be found.

Suggestions on expanding, editing, or otherwise modifying the website, its design, or content, please feel free to contact and follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Tumblr!

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